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Version for iOS and Android Tablets and smartphones

Name: Super Villain War Lost Heroes hack tool.exe
Version: 1.16
Size: 1.26 mb

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How to use?

First plug your device to the computer using Wifi, USB or Bluetooth. After that select among Android, iOS (only iPad and iPhone) and Windows Phone. Click ‘Connect’ button to initialize app and connect with your smartphone or tablet. Wait a while for the procedure end. When connection procedure is accomplished, type values which you need to acquire. And then click on ‘Generate’. Please wait a while yet again. Now please press the ‘Confirm’ button and activize hack. Right after successful activation you can disconnect the tablet or smartphone, restart Super Villain War Lost Heroes and enjoy bigger amount of goods.

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How to download?

In case you do not know how to download the tool please read "How to download" page for support. In case you have any some questions please post your comment under or contact with our support group (may be inaccessible at certain hours).

Super Villain War Lost Heroes Video:

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